Dixie's Dog Sitting, Pet Watching, House Sitting Services Texas

You and your pet is very important to me.


  • For first time appointments please understand that your appointment will not be confirmed until Dixie confirms the appointment. Once confirmed, Dixie will arrive at the location address provided to meet you and your pet and learn what needs to be learned about the house, the pet’s schedule, medical needs etc. This will also be the initial meet to determine how the pet reacts to the new visitor. This initial meeting is instrumental in creating an on-going working relationship and must be scheduled prior to an actual sitting need.


  • For current and on-going customers this appointment is considered unconfirmed until Dixie calls or emails with receipt and confirmation. Do not assume that your pet will be tended to if you have not received a confirmation from Dixie. If you are not certain, please call Dixie directly to confirm. (830) 660-5497 We do not want any pet to suffer due to technical difficulties or a simple misunderstanding.


  • If you have scheduled an appointment and need to cancel, please contact Dixie directly so she won’t arrive when not needed and so another fur-friend can be booked in your place. If Dixie arrives and the cancellation was not confirmed, you will be billed for the service.