I severely sprained my ankle and broke my leg just a few days before my husband was to leave on a trip for almost a week. We are fairly new to the Spring Branch area and don’t have close-by friends that could help us in this situation. So, after my injury my husband started an Internet search to find help for myself and our pets (4 indoor dogs and several chickens). If we couldn’t find someone who loved animals, was reliable, honest, caring, and reasonable in cost, my husband’s long-awaited trip would have to be cancelled. When Dixie came over for a get acquainted visit, I already knew it was a good sign when, within just a few minutes, my normally shy dog was already lying upside down with her tummy showing and feet up in the air, right beside Dixie on the sofa. Our pet already felt very relaxed and safe around Dixie. We found our pet sitter! Dixie helped us by taking my dogs for their daily walks (she even greatly improved their leash-walking behavior), feeding, giving them water, and lots of attention. She also took care of our chickens by letting them in and out of their coop, collecting eggs, and giving them their food, water, and fresh veggie treats. Dixie showed herself to be very helpful and my worries for the reliable, kind care of my pets became non-existent. One of the other things that impressed me was the fact that my dogs were very relaxed around her and would even wait for her by the front door in anticipation of her arrival. I also felt comfortable asking Dixie to take care of our pets when I could not be home–for me, that is saying a lot. Based on my experience with Dixie, I recommend Dixie’s pet-sitting services to anyone who wants a reliable, honest, kind, pet-loving person to help them. ~ Judy B.

Beowulf (Texas Lacey), Landry (Nova Scotia Duck Toller) & Trooper (Golden Retriever) Dixie's Pet Sitting Services
Beowulf (Texas Lacey), Landry (Nova Scotia Duck Toller) & Trooper (Golden Retriever)

We love Miss Dixie! We get sooo excited when she visits us because our Mom and Dad have gone out for the day. She lets us out, plays with us, loves us, and gives us treats!!!!!? Mom & Dad say Miss Dixie is reliable, responsible, and reasonable. She always calls them back, she comes when she says she will, and she sends Mom a picture of us. Believe us! You want Miss Dixie to take care of your pets!!!!!

Written by our Mom, Patty Cahill

Dixie's Dog Sitting, Pet Watching, House Sitting Services Texas
Dixie’s Dog Sitting, Pet Watching, House Sitting Services Texas

My Kiddos LOVED Dixie! With a pit bull in the family, you don’t even consider putting him in a kennel for fear of someone blaming the pit for an injury. So I knew I had to find a house sitter. Dixie was great! My kiddos loved her. She took excellent care of them and… I’ve NEVER gotten a picture of all three of them together that I didn’t have to photo manipulate and merge three pictures together! Thanks Dixie – I now have a family photo!!!